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    This initiative is based on the belief that there is a direct relationship between the educational achievement of our children and the quality of life in our community. Strive and Drive to Thrive! promotes the importance of regular school attendance. 

    Regular attendance has a direct effect on academic performance. Research conducted at the Bureau of Educational Research shows that consistent school attendance is directly linked to positive behavior, increased participation in extracurricular activities, higher grades, and higher overall educational outcomes.

    This attendance initiative was designed to educate students and their parents on the importance of being in class.  


    • Recognize and celebrate students who achieve exceptional attendance
    • Encourage all students to aspire to achieve perfect attendance and graduate from high school
    • Promote the importance of education to all students, parents, and the community at large
    • Highlight the important connection between showing up ready to learn for school every day as a young person and showing up ready to work every day as an adult
    • Promote parent involvement in school and student attendance awareness

     Earn the chance to win cash just by coming to school!

    1st Prize- $10,000

    2nd Prize- $500

    3rd Prize- $250

    Reward tickets are earned through qualifying attendance behavior. The winner will be randomly selected from among ALL eligible student reward tickets with perfect attendance at any Pontiac School District school.

    The eligible parent or guardian whose student's name is drawn at the end of the school year with perfect attendance both semesters will receive a check for $10,000 donated by Joe Lunghamer Chevrolet! Second and third place prizes will be selected at random from the reward tickets obtained with the same criteria. 

     Qualifying Attendance Behavior

    Pontiac School District parent(s) or legal guardians of K-12 students have the opportunity to qualify for reward tickets based on their ability to meet the following requirements:

    • Students must be enrolled in Pontiac School District for the entire nine-week grading period to participate.
    • Students may earn raffle tickets for perfect attendance each semester.
    • Students with more than 4 excused absences (and 1 unexcused absence) per semester period will not qualify for the drawing.
    • Students suspended at any given time during the school year are not eligible to participate.
    • The district will utilize state guidelines for reporting Average Daily Attendance to determine perfect attendance contest eligibility.

     Tips for good attendance include:

    • Getting to school on time every day and staying all day
    • Monitoring your child’s attendance on the district’s parent portal
    • Working with your health-care providers to schedule regular doctor visits during non-school hours or visit our onsite school-based Health Centers.
    • Following proper guidelines to report excused absences in a timely manner.


    Attendance Guidelines for Contest

     The ATTENDANCE PERIOD (s) will: run  from  the  first  day  of  the  school  year  through  the  last  day  of  the  school  year  as published in the annual school calendar adopted by the Board of Trustees.  The adopted school calendar defines the dates to be included in a “semester” period. 

    VERIFICATION OF PERFECT ATTENDANCE:  The MiStar student attendance system, is the official attendance record system for the district. The district student service office, or designee, will utilize MiStar to verify for each defined attendance campaign period, which students have attained perfect attendance for this program.

    SELECTION  OF  WINNER(S):  All  decisions  by  administration regarding  the  issuance  of  incentives  or  opportunities  to  participate  in  drawings  for  incentives are final and may not be appealed.

    INDEMNIFICATION: The student and/or/his/her parent/guardian will hold the district harmless  and  indemnify  the  same  with  respect  to  any  claims,  costs,  expenses,  and litigation/prosecution (including reasonable attorney’s fees), arising from the implementation of this program or the incentive awards.

    Strive & Drive to Thrive! At Pontiac Schools

    Education is the path to a better life for our children. School is where dreams are born and the determination to achieve them can be deep-rooted. School is where children learn things they need to know in order to do things they want to do. It is the place where children establish lifelong friends, lifelong lessons, and lifelong habits.

    STRIVE and DRIVE to THRIVE is designed to motivate and reward our students so they can realize all that school has to offer!