School District of the City of Pontiac

Soaring to Excellence

On the Rise!

Pontiac School District Core Values

Safe and Orderly Schools

Student Learning is the Central Priority

Accountability at all Levels

Respect for Diversity

Parents are Partners

Community Ownership of the District
The Office of the Superintendent will ensure a world-class education for all students from early childhood to adulthood. The Office of the Superintendent serves our district by innovating and collaborating with educators, schools, parents and   community partners. Together, as a team, we prepare students to live, work and thrive in a highly-connected world.

Communications Services also part of the Office of the Superintendent. Pontiac Schools seeks to maintain positive and successful relationships and partnerships with members of the media. Please direct media requests for all schools and the administration to Communications Assistant at  

Photography Policy
Photographers and reporters must be accompanied by a staff member when entering school buildings. Those who want to take pictures and/or video of Pontiac Schools students must make sure the student's family has signed a media release form. Journalists also must request permission before interviewing students.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

FOIA requests should be submitted either electronically to: 

   - Darryl Segars, General Counsel -
   - Susan Parent, Adminstrative Assistant - 
(248) 451-6802 - Phone
(248) 451-6889 - Fax