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Contact Information

For all technical support matters please contact our Service Desk, please be sure to include your building and room number.

Help Desk    

Online Ticket Submission: Create a service ticket


Phone: (248) 209-2060 


Jeff Mozdzierz

Technology Director

(248) 451-6842 


Tom Matteson

Senior Technology Coordinator

(248) 451-6878


Tyler Evans 

Senior Technical Support Specialist

(248) 451-6853


David Cybak 

Network Administrator

(248) 209-2060


Melanie Hayes

Technology Integration Specialist

(248) 451-6830


Ben Miller

Technical Support Specialist

(248) 209-2060


Carlos Padilla

Technical Support Specialist

(248) 209-2060


Devin Foster 

Technical Assistant

(248) 209-2060


Tania Gilbert

Technical Assistant

(248) 209-2060


William (Bill) Holcomb

Energy and Technology Innovation Specialist

(248) 451-6829