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The Care Closet

The Care Closet is an important resource for our families and staff members. This closet is home to a number of donated items ranging from school supplies to toiletries that are available for our homeless students and others who are in need. If you are interested in donating to the Care Closet, please contact us. Additionally, if you are a member of the Pontiac School District Family who is in need of these items, please reach out to us confidentially.

You can contact us at one of the following:



Some of the Items We Have Include:

Pencils                                               Razors

Pens                                                    Toothbrushes

Colored Pencils                                Toothpaste

Erasers                                               Deodorant

Crayons                                              Toilet Paper

Folders                                               Pads/Tampons

Binders                                              Masks

Rulers                                                 Bandaids

Scissors                                              Hand Sanitizer

Sticky Notes                                      Wipes

Paper                                                  Body Spray 

Pencil Sharpeners                           Uniforms