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Business Office

It is the mission of the Business Office to support the school district in its effort to manage all financial resources, as efficiently and effectively as possible, for the community, staff and students; including the providing of accurate and timely financial information for the best possible decision making. Additionally, providing accurate and timely wage and related payments to staff, and payments to district vendors.

Recent Accomplishments

  1. Developed budget plan that ensured the District would be out of financial deficit in 2020-21 (Will be verified with the audit of the 2020-21 financial records in September, 2021).
  2. Developed a plan to ensure the $167 million bond issue (2.00 mills) and .80 sinking fund was less in total taxes versus the expiring sinking fund of 2.87 mills.
  3. Instrumental in revamping all District union and non-union wage scales, providing first significant wage increases in almost 10 years, as well as tying future wage increases to growth in our local tax revenues (Business Non-Homestead Taxes).
  4. Created a 10 Year Financial Forecast model that provides guidance for future budgeting and decision making to ensure the District continues to build up its Fund Balance, pay down debt, and reduce borrowing needs.
  5. Paid off the remaining 2018B General Fund Debt of approximately $2.0 million with Capital One Bank, assisted the District’s financial consultant (Baird) with renegotiating the $20 million in Emergency Loans with the State of Michigan to reduce interest costs.