• Admission Information for Students, Parents and Guest

    Ticket Prices:

    Students of the Pontiac School District $3.00 w/ STUDENT ID ONLY

    Guest Tickets $5.00

    OAA Passes must be up to date and must have the name of the owner on the card. Please remember OAA Passes only allow (1) Guest.


    On-Campus Safety and Facility Rules:

    1. Each child or group of children must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times.

    2. Please use the assigned bathrooms that are present at each facility.

    3. Disorderly conduct is not tolerated at ANY time.

    4. Please stay in designated areas of the facility for safety purposes.

    5. Please report all problems or incidents to our event safety staff in gray or purple shirts. 

    6. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited in any school facility. 

    7. Students or guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be escorted off the property by our PAO security staff.

    8. No profanity in or around the facility at any time.

    9. If you leave the facility during the event, you must pay to re-enter.

    10. The Student Code of Conduct is in effect at every athletic contest.

    11. The facilities are cleared within twenty minutes after the event has ended. During the last eight minutes of an athletic contest, students should CALL their rides.

    12. No glass bottles are allowed inside facilities.


    Show your Pontiac pride and be sure to wear your PURPLE at every event!!


    Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in your immediate removal from the athletic facility. 

    Per AD Montgomery and Interim Chief Gross

    #SafeSchools #SafeSports