• Guidelines for Leave of Absence
    All medical and or maternity leaves should be requested, in writing, stating the date the leave will begin and the expected date of return to work.  Employees are required to provide 30 days notice for forseeable leaves of birth, adoption, foster care placement, or planned medical treatment.
    Any Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) eligible employee (employee must have worked for the district for 12 months and worked for 1,250 hours in the past 12 months) is entitled to apply for up to 12 weeks for unpaid FMLA leave.  Please refer to your union contract for pay provisions while on leave.
    Employees MUST complete the Request for Medical Leave Form first and return to the Human Resources/Benefits Department 30 days prior to your leave request (when possible).  The Certification of Healthcare Provider should be completed by your physician and returned to the Benefits Department.  More information is also available below in the FMLA Employee Guide.  A determination will be made whether the leave is FMLA or non-FMLA.  Please refer to your union contract for non-FMLA leave guidelines and eligibility.  
    Contact Michael Emerson, Benefits Coordinator memerson@pontiac.k12.mi.us  for more information.