• Transportation

      First Student, which handles transportation services for Pontiac Schools, is committed to providing safe, reliable, innovative and sustainable transportation services. We recognize that our duties extend beyond our daily operations to include our school district partners, local communities, employees and the children who ride our buses. As such, we seek continuous improvement in the delivery of our commitments to each.


    Commitment to our customers: We keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. This extends beyond customer satisfaction; we focus on customer success.

    Dedication to safety: Always first in mind, safety is our way of life.

    Supportive of each other: We trust each other to deliver and work to help one another succeed.

    Accountability for performance: Every decision matters. We do the right things to drive success for our partners, which in turn will allow us to achieve our goals.

    Setting the highest standards: We want to be the best, continually finding new and better ways to help our partners, communities and employees succeed.