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  • Welcome to Kennedy School
    1700 Baldwin Avenue, Pontiac, MI 48340  (248)451-8040
    Jaronique Devezin, Principal
    Connie Ferrell, Administrative Assistant
  • Purpose Statement: The purpose of Kennedy School is to continually meet the needs of all our students so that every student has the opportunity to reach their optimal potential by providing a positive and effective educational environment, community, and culture that will generate functional academic and vocational growth resulting in successful transitions for our students from school to adult life. Our school embodies this purpose through a common set of beliefs. We believe that every student has a right to a quality education. We believe that all students have value and the capacity to grow and learn. We believe that all students have the right to necessary accommodations to enhance their growth. We believe that technology should be integrated into curriculum. We believe in using teaching methods and practices that promote learning. We believe in examining all of our practices in light of their impact on learning. We believe that healthy lifestyle habits and education are interdependent. We believe that all members of our educational community have a right to the tools necessary to employ best practices in order for every student to reach their full potential. We believe that decisions should be made with collaboration and include the interests of our stakeholders. 

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