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Supt. Kelley Williams  
Superintendent's Message
  I am pleased to announce that we were able to accomplish all of the first year goals set out in our strategic action plan. The first year was identified as the year of analysis and reorganization. As a team, we took a hard look at all personnel, programs, and policies to ensure that we had all of the right elements to move the district forward. I am excited to take on the new school year with a team of outstanding leaders guiding all of my schools and departments.

  This year, we are ready to take on the goals for the second year of the strategic action plan. We call this the year of implementation and action. You will see elements of the new Common Core State Standards curriculum and elements of project-based learning in the classrooms, access to technology in every classroom throughout the district, proactive safety practices, facility upgrades and a clear focus on improved customer service. 
  Please see just a few reminders and upcoming events taking place in the Pontiac School District:

Count Day

  This district needs all students to report to school on Wednesday, Oct. 1, for Student Count Day. There will be great activities taking place at each school to ensure good attendance.

  Count Day is when all public schools in Michigan tally the number of students attending their schools. The count information is critical to districts, because each student translates into state funding. Students must be in attendance and receive instruction in all classes on count day.

  More information will be coming regarding activities at individual school
Intervention Intercession

  Having implemented a balanced calendar throughout the school district this year, the first Intervention Intercession will be Oct. 20-24. The intervention program will be run by a reading specialist or certified teacher. While staff members will lead some of the classwork, students also will learn through small groups, flexible groups and individualized instruction. In addition, the blended classrooms will focus on one-one-one remediation and technology. The other Intervention Intercessions will be March 17-27 and May 18-22.

  During the interventions, students will: 
  •   Receive extra help with assignments.
  •   Finish incomplete assignments or missing assignments.
  •   Make up for time when a student has been absent.
  •    Receive additional support in reading and math skills to prepare for state testing.


  The school district has purchased nearly 1,500 Chromebooks this year to support blended learning for middle and high school students. Blended learning is a teaching strategy that incorporates some online delivery of content and instruction along with traditional coursework.
  Students at the International Technology Academy have received their devices for use in school and at home. Other high school students in grades ten through twelve are using the Chromebooks in the classroom and should begin taking them home to complete coursework starting Oct. 1.
  Students in grades seven through nine will not be able to take the devices home but will be using Chromebooks in the classroom for math instruction. Eventually, the middle school students will use the computers for other subjects as well. Staff members received training during the summer to integrate technology into the classroom.

In addition, the district is working with Comcast to provide low-income families with discounted computer services – Internet packages for $9.95 a month plus tax, computers for $149.99 plus tax and free Internet training. For more information, go to or call 855.846.8376.

   Kelley Williams
  Superintendent, Pontiac Schools