Division of Organizational Development

Organizational Development is the attempt to influence the members of an organization to expand their candidness with each other about their work within the organization and their professional experience in it, and to take greater responsibility for their own actions as members of the Pontiac School District Learning Organization. Within the Division, we design programs, processes, and initiatives that build capacity and shared understanding. Through our Divisional work, stakeholders are likely to discover new ways of working together and increasing excellence, efficiency, and equity within the Pontiac Learning Organization!

"Organization development is a system-wide application of behavioral science knowledge to the planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures, and processes for improving an organization's effectiveness."-- Cummings and Worley, "Organization Development and Change", Sixth Edition, South-Western Publishing.

Recent OD/HR Initiatives
Restructuring Clean, Safe, and Drug Free Schools; Implementing Informational Systems among payroll, HR, and finance; Leading the Internal Audit; Organizational right-sizing, and Cost recovery

Teacher/Administrator's Performance Evaluation
The Pontiac School District Performance Evaluation System's process and procedures are based on the New School Reform Law 2009 PA 205 Section 1249. It is designed with the purpose of maintaining a standard of excellence, improving the performance of teachers and to improve the district's instructional program. The performance evaluation system's most significant portion of a teacher or school administrator's evaluation is based on student growth and assessment data. The system also uses research-based measures to determine student growth, as well as nationally normed assessments.